All shirts must have collars (unless they are golf shirts or golf dresses which the Golf Shop carries)

Shirts designed to be left untucked must be hip length;

Tailored pants, tailored shorts and divided skirts appropriate for golf are permissible;  

Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh.

Regulation golf shoes must be worn on the Course and Practice areas.


Short shorts, mini-skirts, cargo pants, blue denim jeans or designer ripped or faded jeans, drawstring pants or shorts, gym gear, tops displaying large motifs or advertising, singlets and beach-type garments are not permissible. 

Sweat shirts, hoodies or shirts with no collar.



Proper golfing attire and regulation golfing shoes must be worn by players at all times (juniors and caddies are permitted to wear flat soled shoes).  

Men’s shirts must have a collar or be a golf style turtle neck and be tucked into trousers/shorts with belt. 

Shorts are to be worn with socks.


Denim of any description.

Draw string or elasticized waist shorts and pants. Pants or shorts with external side pockets on the trouser leg (Cargo pants).  Tracksuit pants. Blue denim jeans or designer ripped jeans, tracksuits. 

Sporting type shorts or any type of gymnasium attire.

Shirts displaying large motifs or advertising (except for discreet brand name and club logos).

Sweatshirts, hoodies or shirts with no collar.

Steel spikes are not permitted.



Neat casual dress is the minimum standard acceptable in the Clubhouse.

Suitable golfing attire or smart casual may be worn in the Clubhouse.

Collared shirts for gentlemen

Golf Attire, including soft spike golf shoes, is permitted throughout the Clubhouse

Modern casual dress shirts may be worn untucked but must be neat in appearance.

Denim jeans may be worn in the Clubhouse, but they must be clean and tidy and not be faded or torn.

Casual dress shoes or sandals may be worn without socks

In the case of organised functions, formal attire may be specified.


Sweatshirts, hoodies or shirts with no collar.

Caps, visors or hats shall be removed while inside the Clubhouse (locker rooms excepted as well as quickly refilling water bottles or collecting food).

Rubber thongs.


If mobile phones are switched on they must be on vibrate mode only. It is not permitted to make or recieve calls on the course unless a medical emergency exists. Use of a mobile phone for other purposes is permitted as long as no delay to play or disturbance to golfers is caused.