Effective – 10th May 2024 – View HERE

Effective – 9th March 2024 until further notice.

General Information


    • The use of measuring devices is permitted.
    • All measurements are in metres to centre of green, including 150 metre markers located on either side of fairways.
      The Rules provide that during a round, a player MUST NOT STOP play except in these cases:
      1. Suspension by committee
      2. Stopping play by agreement in Match Play
      3. Individual player stopping play because of lightning.
      A player is not permitted to stop or cease play because of rain or wind, heavy or otherwise, unless the course becomes unplayable.  If not declared unplayable by the Committee, a player may request a decision from the Committee or Course Referee as to the ability to play due to weather.  In these circumstances, a player may not elect to leave the course, stop or suspend play of their own volition, or they will be disqualified.
    • 1 Burst of Siren – Play is Immediately Suspended – Immediate Suspension (Rule 5.7b(1)
    • 2 Bursts of Siren – Play is suspended – Normal Suspension (Rule 5.7b(2)
    • 3 Bursts of Siren – Play is Recommenced (Rule 5.7c)


    • White = Front of green
    • Yellow = Middle of green
    • Chequered = Back of green.


    • Mulch and woodchip on the course (unless there to be removed or spread) is to be treated as an integral part of the course where the individual pieces of mulch and woodchip may be moved as a loose impediment.


    • Smoking on the course is only permitted in the rough and treed areas.


Golf Australia’s recommended Matchplay indexes will be used:


Pace of Play Policy

(Rule 5.6b, Committee Procedures 5G and Committee Model Rule 8K)

Effective – 5th June 2023

Maximum Time Permitted Per Round.  Considering relevant matters such as weather, a round of golf at Southport Golf Club should not exceed:

Stroke Play 4 hours 20 min
Stableford 4 hours 10 min
Par 4 hours 10 min
  • All players must report to the Starter (Pro Shop) at least 10 minutes before the commencement of their round.
  • A player must be at their respective tee at least 5 minutes prior to their tee time.
  • Any player late to their tee will be penalised 2 strokes in accordance with rules of golf. (Rule 5.3)
  • Any player more than 5 minutes late to the tee is automatically disqualified. (Rule 5.3)
  • Players should adopt Ready Golf in either Stroke or Matchplay where necessary.
  • The player with the lowest handicap is responsible for the pace of play of their group.
  • It is incumbent on every player to play promptly and hit their ball within 40 seconds of their turn. First person to hit is allowed 50 seconds to play their ball.
  • After hitting from the tee, all players should walk or drive promptly to their individual balls and await their turn. They should analyse their shot while approaching their ball and be ready to immediately select their club while awaiting their turn and be ready to hit.
  • If sharing a motorised cart, where practicable, a player should be dropped at their ball while the other player should drive to and be ready to hit their ball.
  • If in a motorised cart, Clubs should be cleaned and placed back in their bag at the location where the next shot is to be played from.
  • The first person to tee off, should mark their score card after teeing off. No player should be marking their card if it is their turn to play.
  • Players in bunkers should adopt ready golf and play first to allow time to rake a bunker.
  • Players should Putt-out where possible. Do not mark your ball, putt out in all cases if you are not on another player’s line.
  • Consider whether you wish to adopt the alternative relief to Stroke and Distance penalty relief under the allowable local rule. NOTE:  This option is not available if a provisional ball is played.
  • A Provisional Ball should ALWAYS be played in any circumstance where a ball MAY be lost outside a penalty area or out of bounds and you do not intend to use the Alternate Local Rule.
  • Keep up with the group in front, not keep in front of the group behind. (Timing rules apply)
  • Distance between groups should not be more than 1 minute over the time allotted on the time sheet between groups. If groups Tee Off at 7 minute intervals, the following groups should not be more than 8 minutes behind the group in front at any time.  Known as a Timing Offence.
  • This timing shall be monitored via CCTV or on course by an appointed person.
  • Players may be TIMED by a Rules Referee, Captain, Vice-Captain, Pro-Shop Staff or other nominated person by the Match and Course Committee.
  • A player or group does not need to be advised that they are being timed.
  • A slow play warning for a breach of this policy may be issued in person or via phone. If such warning is received, it is incumbent on the entire group to make every effort to speed up play and catch up with the group in front while adopting the policy outlined above.

Maximum Time to Play Individual Holes: 4 hrs 20 min (260 Minutes for stroke)

Maximum Time to Play Individual Holes: 4 hrs 10 min (250 Minutes for stableford and par)

Time is counted, for the first hole, from the moment the first player tees off and the pin is placed in the hole and/or after the final player putts out.

For subsequent holes, from the moment the pin is placed in the previous hole/or last player putts out to when the pin is placed in the hole and/or after the final player putts out.

Therefore, slow play occurs if a player:

  • Takes more than 40 seconds to play their shot (50 seconds for 1st player), or
  • Losing distance between groups by more than 1 minute of the timing interval, or
  • Exceeds the maximum time permitted for that hole, or
  • Exceeds the maximum time permitted per round.

Penalties for Slow Play

Stroke Play     Match Play
First offence Verbal Warning   Verbal Warning

The following Penalty for Slow Play or Breach of Pace of Play Policy (In the same round) MAY be applied at the discretion of the Course Marshall, Pro-Shop Staff, Committee or Rules Official.

Stroke Play    Match Play
Second Offence 1 stroke penalty 1 Stroke Penalty
Third Offence Additional 2 stroke penalty Loss of Hole
Fourth Offence  Disqualification Disqualification

The Committee or Referee may elect to impose the penalty against an individually identified player or players or the entire group at the time.

In addition to the aforementioned any additional information, including MiScore Reports, may be utilised by the club as required to identify slow play.  Any individual or group identified as offenders of slow play may receive an appropriate letter from the Board.  Such letter may be a warning but may alternatively include sanctions against an individually identified player or group.  Such sanction may include penalties, disqualification, sent to the rear of the field at next game or suspended from playing the next game or more, as determined by the Board.