Code of Conduct for Members, Guests and Visitors


This code of conduct sets out the behaviour expected of all visitors to the Southport Golf Club.

General requirements

We expect visitors to our Club:

    1. Shall follow all instructions given by Club Management and staff
    2. Shall not behave in any way that will damage the reputation of the Southport Golf Club as a family-friendly environment.
    3. Shall not partake of/or induce any other person to partake of any illicit drugs on the premises.
    4. Shall up hold the Club’s dress code at all times. Obscene and or offensive clothing will not be permitted.
    5. Shall adhere to the Responsible Service of Alcohol followed by the Club.
    6. To only smoke in the designated smoking area.
    7. To behave in a manner conducive to the enjoyment of the Club’s facilities for all persons. Obscene and or offensive language will not be tolerated.

Club Management and staff have the sole discretion to refuse entry. All decisions are final in all matters relating to dress and behaviour.

Members and visitors will be deemed to have accepted this Code of Conduct by attending the Club’s premises.

Failure to comply with any of the above will constitute a breach of this Code of Conduct. In the event of a breach, the Club reserves the right to eject the offender.