Southport Golf Club is a private golf course in the heart of the Gold Coast, Queensland. It is a substantial facility including an 18-hole championship golf course, a driving range, short game practice area and two practice putting greens plus a large Clubhouse with inside and outside seating and separate Golf shop. Southport Golf Club recognises the value of our natural surroundings and understands the importance of good management of the environment.

The Board and Management of the Southport Golf Club will actively strive to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise the natural beauty and sustainability of the surrounding natural flora and fauna.

Southport Golf Club Management will achieve this goal by:

Fostering a culture of responsible management of the environment at work.

  • Following and meeting all relevant environmental laws, standards, and practices.
  • Managing our business activity to prevent or minimise pollution and any negative impacts on visual amenity, air, water, land, flora fauna, cultural and heritage values.
  • Strive to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste generation in all our operations.
  • Regularly set and review environmental objectives and targets.
  • Continually improve our performance and report progress throughout the Club.
  • Require all current Board members, Committee members and Staff read and commit to this Policy.