Southport Golf Club management is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for all members, staff, and visitors. All buildings, offices and Club vehicles are designated smoke free areas at all times.

Cigarette butts are harmful to the natural environment. Do not dispose of butts down the drains, in the toilets or on the of the golf course.

Southport Golf Club discourage smoking whilst playing golf as inhaling second hand smoke is a proven health hazard. Golfers may smoke in the rough and treed areas of the course. Be considerate of your fellow golfers and take your butts with you.

Smoking is only permissible in the following three (3) areas within the precincts of Southport Golf Club.  

  1. Outside the club house on the front balcony in the signed designated area.
  2. Outside the Maintenance shed in the designated smoking area.
  3. Outside the Bar and Kitchen in the designated smoking area.

Note: Cigarette butts must be placed in the bins located withing these areas.

Southport Golf Club discourages members and guests from smoking whilst playing golf or using the practice areas. On Course smoking however is only permissible to members and guests in the areas designated as ‘’rough’’, and the cigarette butts must then be placed in the on-course rubbish bins.

Staff who choose to smoke must use the designated smoking areas 2 & 3, and only do so in their scheduled work breaks.