Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and the resulting falls are the greatest cause of injury for members, staff and visitors at the Southport Golf Club. Management of all areas of the Club and grounds will identify the hazards, assess the risks, implement controls and continually monitor to ensure the risk of injury is as low as possible. The Club will support staff providing suitable training and resources. Management will ensure all contractors who come onto the Club or Course to work, have made and implemented their own fall management procedures. The Southport Golf Club and Course is a continually changing environment and constant vigilance is required by all staff and members to reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls.

Slips or trips together with the resulting falls may result in:

  • sprains or strains.
  • broken bones when trying to break the fall.
  • back injury due to the sudden and forceful impact during a fall.
  • burns if it occurs near hot surfaces or if the person is handling hot fluids.
  • cuts if it occurs near sharp objects.
    If the fall is from one level to a lower level, greater injuries even death can result.

    Slips and trips are usually caused by a combination of factors:

    • Contaminants, anything that ends up on the floor or ground.
    • Obstacles, poor housekeeping practices, maintenance.
    • Cleaning, regular cleaning with prompt attention to spills.
    • Flooring, non slip.
    • Environment including lighting.
    • Footwear, appropriate for task and surface.
    • People, their skills and abilities. Activity being undertaken./app.

    In consultation with members and staff, Southport Golf Club will identify slip, trip and fall hazards.

    Management will endeavour to eliminate or reduce the risk (where elimination is not possible) and continually monitor the situation to ensure effective ongoing controls. The Club’s risk register will be utilised to monitor, control and document hazards.